Why is our platform named

The Background

We wanted our product name to have a meaningful intent behind it. Something that conveyed the philosophy of the product, what it aims to do and what we stand for, not just as a brand, but as an organization. The Owl is our spirit animal! Why Owl? Because the Owl is a unique bird, and in many ways, encapsulates our philosophy and characteristics perfectly.

The essence of Sovablu‘s logo is captured in the owl’s intelligence, agility, and strategic acumen, qualities that reflect the endless opportunities presented by the clear blue sky. These traits guide Sovablu‘s vision: to navigate the ever-expanding technological and business landscapes with innovation, precision, and foresight.


Owls are often associated with wisdom, knowledge, and intuition. Our company relies on these qualities of our experienced leaders and team members to make important decisions and navigate challenges to make Sovablu a successful product.


Owls are intelligent birds and are capable of problem-solving and learning. Sovablu‘s unique capabilities are geared to solve the most complex problems that our customers face by combining extensive knowledge if these problems and a highly intelligent and logical approach.


Owls are adaptable birds and can thrive in a wide range of environments, from forests to deserts. Sovablu is equally adaptable as it can serve the needs of a wide range and scale of organizations across many industries. As a company, we always strive to be adaptable to changing market conditions, customer needs, and technological advancements.


Owls have excellent focus and concentration, enabling them to catch prey with pinpoint accuracy. Similarly, we alsoΒ maintain a laser-like focus on our goals and priorities, allowing us to execute our strategies effectively and achieve our objectives.


Owls are persistent hunters, often staying out all night in search of prey. As a company, we also pride ourselves for our perseverance and determination to innovate constantly and solve the challenges faced by our customers.


Owls are independent creatures and can survive on their own without any external dependencies. As a company, we always aim to be independent and self-sufficient, relying on our own resources and capabilities to achieve success.


Owls are elegant birds with graceful movements and striking appearances, making them a popular subject in art and literature. We also prioritize elegance and simplicity in our products and services, delivering an exceptional user experience and establishing a strong brand identity. Moreover, we also believe that Sovablu is perfectly positioned to provide elegant solutions to complex and messy problems.

Brand Guidelines

The Sovablu NAME and LOGO are key elements of our BRAND.

Here are some rules that need to be followed when using any aspect of our brand. These rules apply not just to the Sovablu logo, but also to all other official logos as published and made available by the company, including Sovablu Partner logos.


When writing in plain text, the entire word must be written together as “Sovablu” or “sovablu”. Do not write the name in all caps – “SOVABLU”

Example of correct usage:

Sovablu is a revolutionary no-code platform for the enterprise.

Example of incorrect usage:

  • SovaBlu
  • sovaBlu
  • SoVaBlu


The Sovablu logo is our primary brand. It represents boldness and focus. It stands for who we are, what we do and how our customers perceive us.

The Sovablu logo must be used correctly in all our assets to establish brand association.

Using the Sovablu “Owl” logo for any purpose without prior written approval from S2K2 is strictly prohibited.

DO NOT modify the logo in any way.

For any questions related to our Brand or the Brand Guidelines, please contact us by email at: