Introducing Sovablu CRM

A lean & powerful CRM for the modern global business

Welcome to Sovablu CRM, the lean and powerful customer relationship management solution designed for the modern global business. Engineered to streamline your sales processes, enhance team collaboration, and provide deep insights into your customer interactions, Sovablu CRM offers unparalleled flexibility and customization. Discover how Sovablu CRM can transform your business operations, drive efficiency, and support your growth in an ever-evolving market.

Account Management

  • Comprehensive Account Handling: Add, edit, de-activate/activate, and delete accounts with ease.
  • Team Collaboration: Assign accounts to sales team members and track all associated activities, such as events and tasks.
  • Information Hub: Add notes and attach related documents for thorough record-keeping.

Contact Management

  • Detailed Contact Records: Add, edit, and delete contacts linked to each account.
  • Activity Tracking: Monitor activities associated with each contact, including events and tasks.
  • Document Integration: Add notes and attach relevant documents for seamless information management.

Deal Management

  • Deal Oversight: Add, edit, and update deals linked to various accounts.
  • Sales Process Tracking: Monitor activities for each deal, such as events and tasks, and manage deal stages to track progress through the sales pipeline.
  • Team Allocation: Assign deals to sales team members and ensure detailed tracking until closure.
  • Document Management: Add notes and attach relevant documents for comprehensive deal information.

Lead Management

  • Lead Administration: Add, edit, and update leads associated with various accounts.
  • Team Assignment: Assign leads to sales team members for efficient lead management.
  • Information Tracking: Manage key information associated with each lead for streamlined follow-up and conversion.

Event Management

  • Comprehensive Event Handling: Manage events such as meetings, emails, and phone calls associated with accounts.
  • Participant Management: Add internal and external participants and set up reminders.
  • File Integration: Attach files related to events and manage event hosts for organized scheduling.

Task Management

  • Task Coordination: Manage tasks associated with one or more accounts, tracking start and end dates, and completion status.
  • Team Collaboration: Assign tasks to team members, designate task supervisors, and manage task priorities.
  • Related Tasks: Organize related tasks for better workflow management.

Team Notes

  • Collaborative Note-Taking: Add notes linked to any aspect of the sales process.
  • Shared Notes: Create team notes that can be shared with other members, with options for read-only or editable formats.
  • Member Tagging: Tag members in notes using the “@” symbol for efficient communication.


  • Intuitive Overview: Gain a top-level view of the overall status of the sales function with a comprehensive and intuitive dashboard.

Customizable Master Data

  • Organizational Customization: Customize master data applicable to your organization for tailored CRM usage.


  • Customizable Reports: Create and access a wide range of reports for various scenarios.

Extensive Customization

  • Platform Flexibility: Customize Sovablu CRM to any extent on the Sovablu platform, ensuring it meets your specific business needs.

Why Sovablu CRM?

Sovablu CRM is the ideal solution for modern global businesses seeking a lean, powerful, and highly customizable customer relationship management tool. It offers comprehensive features like customer and contact management, deal and lead tracking, event and task organization, and collaborative team notes, all within an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Its flexibility allows for extensive customization to fit your unique business needs, while its robust dashboard provides clear insights into your sales processes.

With Sovablu CRM, you gain a powerful ally in managing your customer relationships, streamlining your sales activities, and driving your business towards greater efficiency and success.

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