IoT Platform MEEQ Integrates with SOVA

MEEQ Corporation, a provider of the MEEQ no-code IoT/DX Platform ( for IoT vendors and businesses, announced a partnership with SOVA No-code Platform ( This partnership makes it possible to develop and operate custom IoT business applications that use data from IoT devices as inputs, all without writing code, thanks to a GUI-based interface.

The significance of this collaboration is rooted in the challenges surrounding IoT business systems. These systems play a critical role by receiving, storing, analyzing, and acting on data from a diverse array of IoT devices installed at business sites. This data can come from devices such as edge AI cameras, flow counters, vibration sensors, environmental sensors, and more. The cutting-edge nature of these systems, coupled with the highly specific application requirements of different businesses, often precluded the possibility of simply installing a general-use product. Companies traditionally had to start with a Proof of Concept (PoC) and go through a process of trial and error to develop a system tailored to their operations.

The new partnership between MEEQ and SOVA brings a solution to this challenge. Even for highly individualized and complex business needs, the integration of MEEQ and SOVA enables companies to swiftly and cost-effectively develop and operate custom IoT business systems. This is achieved through GUI-based no-code development, enhancing operational flexibility.

The partnership was realized through the MEEQ Data Platform Data Hub. This hub facilitates the linking of data from the MEEQ Data Platform IoT Storage with various SaaS, providing a collaborative function with MEEQ AI services and the predictive analysis tool Prediction One. The integration with SOVA now adds to this ecosystem, enabling the development and operation of custom IoT business systems through no-code development.

This powerful integration between MEEQ and SOVA creates more opportunities for businesses to leverage IoT technologies efficiently.

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